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Book Details

Antiquities of Indian Tibet
(in 2 Vols. Bound in 1)
A H Francke , E W Thomas
Bibliography : 580pp., 4 Maps, 45 Plates, Demy 4vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175361670
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175361676

(HB) List Price US$ :


Vol. 1:


Chapter-1: The Satluj Valley

Chapter-2: From the Satluj to the Indus

Chapter-3: The Indus valley- a. Ladakh, b. Leh

Chapter-4: From the Indus to the Jehlam

Appendix A- List of antiquities acquired

Appendix B- List of manuscripts and wood prints acquired

Appendix C- Note on Rawalsar, Mandi state

Appendix D- Genealogy of the Rajas of Bashahr


Vol. 2:


La-Dvags-Rgyal-Rabs: Tibetan text

La-Dvags-Rgyal-Rabs: Translation

Minor chronicles

  1. The chronicles of Zans-Dkar

  2. Register of the vassal kings of Bzan-La in Zans-Dkar

  3. The kings of Gu-Ge

  4. The chronicles of Cig-Tan

  5. The genealogy of the Chiefs of Sod

  6. The genealogy of the Sra-Sra-Mun Chiefs of Sim-Sa-Mkhar-Bu castle according to the tale
    of Sah-Ban of Ki-No

  7. Ahmad-Shah's chronicles of Baltistan

  8. The genealogies of the Balti chiefs, i. The rajas of Kha-Pu-Lu, ii, The rajas of
    Keris(Skye-Ris), iii, The Dmag-Dpons of Parkuda, iv, The chiefs of Shigar (Si-Dkar), v,
    The Rygal-Pos of Balti (Sbal-Ti), vi, The chiefs of Ron-Mdo

  9. The chronicles of the chiefs of Ko-Lon in Lahul

  10. The genealogical tree of the chiefs of Ko-Lon in Lahul

  11. The chronicles of Ti-Nan in Lahul

  12. The genealogical tree of the chiefs of Ti-Nan

  13. The genealogical tree of the chiefs of Bar-Hbog in Lahul

  14. Account of the trade between the kings of Ladakh and Kulu

  15. The ministers of Rgya

  16. The services of general Tshul-Khrims-Rdo-Rje according to the account of King

  17. The services of Bsod-Nams-Bstan-Hdzin, minister of Snon-Dar in Ldum-Ra, according to the
    tale of King Tshe-Dpal-Mi-Hgyur-Don-Grub-Rnam-Rgyal

  18. King Ni-Ma-Rnam-Rgyal's account of the deeds of general Sakya-Rgya-Mtsho

  19. Tshe-Brtan's account of the Dogra wars

  20. Basti-Ram's account of the Dogra war and Cunningham's other information

  21. The song of the Dard colonization of Baltistan and Ladakh

  22. Notes on those vassal states of which no chronicles remain: 1, The Khri-Sultans of
    Dkar-Rtse, 2, The ancient kings of Kha-La-Rtse, 3, The chiefs of Nub-Ra, 4, The chiefs of
    'A-Lci, 5, The chiefs of the Rub-So nomads, 6, The No-Nos of Spyi-Ti, 7, The chiefs of
    Na-Ko, 8, The chiefs of Ru-Thog, 9, The chiefs of Pu-Hrans

  23. Appendix containing a passage from The history of Kashmir in Persian by Maulavi Hasan
    Shah, copies from a history by Maulavi Haidar Malik of Chodra

Aditions and Corrections


List of Maps

Antiquities of Indian Tibet, by A H Francke


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