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Browse this document to a quick reference answering some of the questions our customers frequently ask us while shopping at lppindia.com. If you didn't find the answer to your question on this page, please email to lpp@nde.vsnl.net.in and we will personally reply you.

Q. I live in Germany. How do I pay?

A. You can pay by your personal check or banker's check drawn in US dollars or equivalent local currency, say, German marks in your case. While sending payment by a check, it should be drawn in favour of "Low Price Publications".

Q. What are the different modes of dispatch? And how much do you charge for Shipping and handling?

A. Since we do business largely through the Web we know how important it is for our customers to get their orders fast. Therefore, we have adopted just one mode of dispatch, i.e., by AIRMAIL. We make all shipments by REGISTERED AIRMAIL without any additional charges like, for example, Postage, packing forwarding or even bank, to our patrons based anywhere in the world.

Q. Do you accept Visa, Master card, or any other card?

A. Sorry, we cannot use credit cards for receiving international payments. We offer a variety of payment options, which may be reached through this link for payments.

Q. I am at one of the American Universities and wish to order a couple of books for my personal use. Is there any minimum value of one single order?

A. Since we make all shipments by registered airmail without any additional charges, we pray our individual customers to accumulate their requirements so as to be able to make US dollars 40 (Forty) as a minimum one time order. This helps in making small transactions economically viable and thus giving you and efficient service.

Q. How long do you take in shipping the order?

A. Over 99% of the books ordered from our catalog leave our warehouse within one week. For others, (in some cases when the books are under print) we work in earnest, thereby, shipping you between 3 and 4 weeks.

Q. How do I order a book ?

A. If the title emerges from our exhaustive catalog you can instantly order it, on the other hand, if it is a title not found in our catalog and you need to raise your order, you can write to us.

Q. Can you find out for me the availability and price of a book published in India ?

A. Yes, we gladly handle such requests by approaching the concerned publisher at once. If the title is no longer available, we notify you and on the other hand, if we receive the book, we send you its quote.

Q. Can I know more about a book selected from your bibliographic sources?

A. Surely, if a short synopsis and/or a table of contents (other than what we have given, if it is in the book) is not displayed on the detail page of the book, we have available such information of all the works, we have published. In any case, we gladly furnish such details against a specific query.


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