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Book Details

Eternally Ethnic Folk Paintings of India
Fully Coloured; Profusely Illustrated
Indrani Devgupta
Bibliography : 128pp., Demy 4vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8184542488
HB ISBN (13) : 9788184542486

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Poetry and proses portrayed in paints is the true connotation of the Folk art of India. Folk paintings from different states reflect the heritage and lifestyles of the rural people in the distant villages of India. Varied in styles, practices, motifs and mediums, it reflects the true essence of the rich culture of our country.

Most of the people of India are unaware of the hard work, imagination and creativity of these artists.One has to travel across the large length and breadth of this country to get glimpses of these traditional forms of art. Hence, it is a humble effort of the author to introduce different folk arts of India, in a compact book form `Eternally Ethnic`.

Besides, this book will open a new window to the art lovers, interior designers, fashion designers and scholars of different streams to enrich their fields of study and work.

About the Author:

The author has completed her Graduation and Post-Graduation from the prestigious Presidency College, Kolkata and Calcutta University respectively and has done extensive research on the tribes and the tribal art of India. The author has widely traveled across the country and interacted directly with the various tribes and the tribal artists. She was inspired to write this book because of her interest in the tribal lifestyle and their art forms.

She feels fortunate to have direct contact with the eminent professionals associated with the different forms of tribal arts. Their experiences and cooperation contributed immensely to enrich the content of this book to a large extent.

Folk Paintings of Bengal
Kalighat Pata Paintings
Folk Paintings of Bihar
Folk Paintings of Orissa
Palm Leaf Paintings
Folk Paintings of Rajasthan
Pichwai Paintings
Sanjhya Paintings
Folk Paintings of Gujarat
Folk Paintings of Maharashtra
Warli Paintings
Folk Paintings of North-eastern States
Folk Paintings of Telangana
Folk Paintings of Andhra Pradesh
Folk Paintings of Karnataka
Folk Paintings of Tamilnadu
Folk Paintings of Kerala
Folk Paintings on Handcrafted Items
Leather Puppet Making of Andhra Pradesh
Bamboo Mat Paintings of Kerala

Eternally Ethnic Folk Paintings of India, by Indrani Devgupta


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