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Book Details

A Handbook of Scientific and Practical Palmistry

Prof. Dayananda
Bibliography : 114pp., 52 Illustrations, Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8173862532
PB ISBN (13) : 9788173862533

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Palmistry or Cheiromancy is often linked with superstition. In this book, giving his logic-based arguments, the author has tried to prove this knowledge to be totally scientifically oriented. This book is in the question-answer form with the disciple asking the questions and the Master or Guru giving the answers. In it the disciple is Ms. Nisha and the Master is Prof. Daya Nand. The gist of this conversation is that there are centers in human brain which regulate and form the lines on the palm. These centers are regulated by the unconscious mind. Some of the lines are congenital while some of them the person develops with his interaction with the society or the external world.

This conversation between the Master and the disciple gradually unveils and resolve many riddles of the medical science, psychology and of the Indian spiritual concepts propounded in ancient times. Taking recourse to ancient spiritualistic concepts and latest researches the author has proved that the lines on the palm depict a sort of graph created by the electrical impulse sent by the brain. Like an ECG reveals the condition of the patient?s heart, these lines on the hand reveal the activities of the various centers of the human brain. Palmistry, in short, is the science of reading and comprehending this graph.

It is this hypothesis that the author has discussed at length in this book with such a clarity that the reader starts feeling as though his fortune is really under the first of his hand.

Apart from highlighting the scientific aspect, the author has also thrown enough light on the pragmatic or practical side of this knowledge. He has emphasised that the adequate advantage from this knowledge can be derived only when the fore-knowledge of the events could be used in removing the future hurdles. Else, this knowledge might not serve any practical purpose.

In the chapter of the suggested remedies, the author analyses that the various mounts on the palm are connected with various distinct centers of the brain. The remedies to strengthen the mounts have been suggested by the author in accordance with the faith the person adheres to. In the perspective of physiology the author pointed at those distinct centers also. If researches could be conducted in accordance with the indicated areas, the path-breaking and pioneering discoveries may take the world by storm in the fields of medical science, psychology and even in the spiritual realm.

The conclusions arrived at in this book go a long way to remove general misconceptions about Palmistry and establish it on purely scientific and pragmatic principles.

Handbook of Scientific and Practical Palmistry, by Prof. Dayananda


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