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Publishing books in India on History, Indology, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Agriculture, Botany, Zoology, Ayurveda, Geography, Literature-Linguistics, Performing Arts.....

We Reprint Academic Books on the above mentioned subjects with
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Shiva Origins & Iconography
Dr. H N Bajaj
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541457
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541458
Publisher : Originals

Corporate Banking (A Guide for Novices)
Dr. Ramamurthy N
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541414
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541410
Publisher : Originals

Dictionary of Financial Terms (A Guide Book for all - Demystifying Myriad Global Terms)
Dr. Ramamurthy N
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541422
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541427
Publisher : Originals

Retail Banking (A Guide for Novices)
Dr. Ramamurthy N
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541430
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541434
Publisher : Originals

Orthogonal Array A Guide Book for Beginners-Demystifying Software Testing, Design of Experiments & Orthogonal Arrays
Ramamurthy N. , Ravishankar R.
PB ISBN(10) : 818454135X
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541359
Publisher : Originals

Ethnicity and Regional Politics of Eastern and North East India
Dr. Anil Kumar Sarkar (ed.)
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541287
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541281
Publisher : Originals

The Jats: Vol. 4 Their Role and Contribution to the Socio-Economic Life and Polity of North and North-West India
Dr. Rajendra Kumar (ed.)
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541384
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541380
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541376
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541373
Publisher : ORIGINALS

Save Today`s Environment for Many Morrows` Development
Muktipada Das
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541368
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541366
Publisher : Originals

Global Yoga An Art of Balancing
Swami Nigamanand Saraswati
PB ISBN(10) : 8173863024
PB ISBN(13) : 9788173863028
Publisher : BFA

The Life of the Buddha And The Early History Of His Order
W Woodville Rockhill (trans.)
PB ISBN(10) : 8175365374
PB ISBN(13) : 9788175365377
Publisher : LPP

Scientific Integration of Queries on Inner Human Life
Dr. H Prasad
PB ISBN(10) : 8173862966
PB ISBN(13) : 9788173862960
Publisher : BFA

Shrimadbhagvadgita Vyaakaranam (Do Bhaagon Mein) (in Hindi)
Geeta Dinesh Bellare
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541252
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541250
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541171
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541175
Publisher : Originals

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